Satellite tracker

This is a webapp used to track satellites orbiting the Earth, such as the International Space Station (ISS), using the Fetch API.

Made with Bootstrap 5, Fetch API, and Mapbox GL JS.

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Google Map clone

This Google Map clone is made with Mapbox GL JS. Users can search and find their current location while choosing a map layer and getting directions from point A to point B.

Made with HTML 5, CSS 3, Vanilla JavaScript, and Mapbox GL JS

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Bug Tracker WebApp

A full-stack, responsive web application that allows users to report bugs and make topic suggestions while administrators examine and approve new requests.

Made with C#, ASP.NET Core Blazer, and MongoDB.

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What do I do?

Web Application

Builds efficient and scalable web application with C# and ASP.Net

Responsive website

Adapting resposive design website for multiple divices

UI/UX Design

Designs beautiful user interface using modern user experience methodology